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The influences of attitude

In our lecture, we talked about attitudes. I learned that attitudes can be consistent, learned or occur within a situation/context. So what is an attitude?

According to Hogg, & Vaughan, the definition of attitude in marketing is “a relatively enduring organisation of beliefs, feelings, and behavioural tendencies towards socially significant objects, groups, events or symbols.” This is a really important factor in consumer behaviour, as it influences consumer in reaction for a particular brand. Once the attitude is formed, it is usually difficult to change it. That means the attitude of a specific person determines their perception of a particular product or service.

From my experience, I prefer some brands over the others. For example, when buying clothes for sports, I usually seek for Adidas, Nike or Under Armour. I have had none concerns with these brands, and I will buy their products next time too. This behaviour is definitely influenced by my attitude, which I realised later in my age. The brands have built up my trust thanks to their good quality, nice design of their products or because I have seen that these brands are wearing famous people. These elements convinced me to buy more things from the brands in the first place. Most of our knowledge comes from our family and the customs passed on to us. Thanks to the advertisements, it is possible to change people’s attitudes and opinions about a particular brand or service, which is important in marketing.

Adidas feat. Beyoncé: A Look at Iconic Partnerships through the ...

Overall, I would rather pay more for a great product, which will last a long time, than a cheaper one with worse quality. What is your opinion about that? Do you also have your favourite brands and are you loyal to them?

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4 thoughts on “The influences of attitude

  1. This was a really good blog! Very clear and easy to read. I’m not hugely loyal to any particular brand but there are some I try to avoid (Nestle, Mcdonalds, KFC etc)
    A couple pointers, there were one or two grammatical errors, nothing major! It would be worth sourcing your Hogg & Vaughan reference with a hyperlink too


  2. This is a very interesting post. I think it is very important that a brand brings this confidence to the costumers because this will make those costumers loyal. Regarding your question, I do have brands which I am loyal to because I think their relation quality-price is very good, so I agree with you.


  3. Hi! This is a great post! I have the same opinion than you. For example, I would rather prefer buying a watch of quality rather than 10 watches because they will break. I am loyal to a few brands but I am open to try other brands! This is a nice post with interesting opinions and examples even if your thoughts could be deepened, well done 🙂


  4. This is a great post! I also have some brands I am loyal too, because they offer me products that fit my needs and also my values and thoughts. I also have some brands I know I won’t buy, because of their values, or previous experiences with them, I formed a bad attitude towards them, and as you said, this will be really difficult to change.


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