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The consumer decision-making process

In the lecture, we talked about the consumer decision-making proces, so what it is actually? A buying process is the series of steps a customer takes to make a purchase decision. I learned that there are five stages needed, which are recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post – purchase evaluation.

Deciding When To Spend Money On New Stuff - NUMER1CO

I will share my own experience with buying my new running shoes how I went trough all of these stages. I had really old running shoes, they were not comfortable anymore, so I realised I needed to buy new running shoes. I started by looking for them online, visited many different online stores with a wide range of shoes, read many reviews, and I was even more confused than before. I also asked my friend who runs a lot, and she recommended Brooks or Asics shoes, so I stuck with these two brands and thought the best would be go the actual store and try them on. I asked the shop assistant, told her my requirements and she helped me find some. Visually, I preferred the Asics, but they did not feel that comfortable unlike the Brooks. After trying on the latter, I definitely knew I want only them! The only disadvantage was the high price. However, I decided to buy them, also thanks to the recommendations of the assistant and my friend. I definitely prefer in-store shopping rather than online shopping.

Brooks Running Shoes: the Definitive Guide 2016 | Běhej srdcem

Now after a year of using them I can say I do not regret that I bought them, and I would buy them again as well as recommend them. From my experience, the worst thing when buying a product is the information search. Nowadays, people can find plenty of information sources, and it can be more overwhelming than helpful. What about you? Do you prefer online or in-store shopping? Before purchasing more expensive products, do you usually read reviews?

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6 thoughts on “The consumer decision-making process

  1. Hi this is a really good post! I like the way you explained each of the steps.. Do you think that reviews can sometimes be biased depending on the love for a brand or service or a particular product? Also I feel that the decision-making process could definitely differ from person to person depending on location, age and lifestyle, what do you think? ☺️

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  2. Good post! It would benefit from a diagram of the decision making process.
    I don’t often buy things, usually I leave that to my wife or get items for free from companies. I did buy Asics for some martial arts and I’m really pleased with them!


  3. Your post is very informative and you explained very well the customer decision-making process with good examples. I totally agree with you that the information search can be very overwhelming. With a lot of different information and opinions we never really know which review to believe :/ Well done for your post!

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  4. Good job! You explained really clear all the steps and it is really interesting that you used your own personal example. I also think nowadays you can find a lot of information and opinions on products with just one click and this makes it a bit difficult and overwhelming. Also you don’t know the credibility of the reviews, because nowadays everybody comments on products on the internet and reviews are really important for potential future consumers, so brands pay people to comment good things about their products. I read an article about this few days ago and I was really surprised. So I think the best review will be your own, that is why I think in-store shopping is the best option when you haven’t got the chance to try the product before.

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  5. For me it depends on what I’m buying as to whether I prefer online or in store. When I am buying something that’s highly priced I would like to research online but purchase in store so I can see the product and get expert advice.


  6. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of online shopping at all. I prefer to be able to try on new stuff and see how it fits before buying it. I had the same experience as you when I was going to buy an iPad. All the information I found when I did some research was quite overwhelming. But I appreciate that we have the opportunity to find out whatever we want instead of gambling on a product. Having a friend’s recommendation is also very valued. Good post on this topic!


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