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Self-concept and social media

In the lecture, I learned more about the self-concept (how people feel about themselves). I found this topic really interesting and valuable. Self-concept plays an important role in consumer behaviour, as people want to buy things, which are going to make them feel and look good. According to Carl Rogers, self-concept has three components: self-image (how we see ourselves), self-esteem (the value we place upon ourselves) and the ideal self (the self we would like to be).

I will talk in more details about how social media affect self-concept. Nowadays most of us use many kinds of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I mostly use Instagram, so I will use it as an example. This platform acts like it is real, but in fact it is not. People obviously share only the good things, such as selfies where they are satisfied with their look, etc. Why they would post something that would make them look worse, right? And that is the reason why some of us look up at “Instagram models”, which could be our ideal selves, and want to look like them. However, we probably do not know that behind that perfect selfie is apparently a perfect work in Photoshop, tons of make-up, the right filter, etc. That affects our self-esteem to lower values.

Instagram - 9to5Mac

From my experience, I obviously do post only the better pictures of me, share the good moments that happen in my life, where my self esteem value is higher. My question is: how do others see me then? If they would know me based on the Instagram, they would probably see my ideal self. And this is the thing that all of us need to think about. We really should not be stressed and compare our lives with ideal posts on social media.

How does social media affect your self concept?

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6 thoughts on “Self-concept and social media

  1. I very rarely use Instagram, I rarely consider how I see myself, my self esteem and ideal self change probably every day (part of the reason I cross dress).

    I think this blog could be expanded a little, I’m curious about your self concept!


  2. I use Instagram a lot and I spend most of my day liking posts in this app. Still, I am aware of the “fake reality” some people show and I think this is harmful to people with low self steam. Instagramers show their ideal selves.


  3. I find self-concept very interesting, it is always good to know more about ourself, right? I spend a lot of time on Instagram (and maybe too much) and you’re right, we never know what is real and what is not, I find it quite tricky.
    However, I wouldn’t want to show my problems, insecurities and posts that would make me look worse on Instagram, I try to share only good things! But I think that it doesn’t always mean that I don’t want to show my real self. Great post, I think there are many other questions to ask about self-concept and social media!


  4. I think the topic you have written about can turn into a very interesting debate. Social networks have a great influence on people, especially the new generations that have been born with them. We use them to show what we want people to see and know about us, but this does not mean that what we post is always true. This becomes a vicious circle in which we show what we are not, but what we want to appear, because we compare ourselves with other profiles that are probably doing the same as us. I think there is a lot of work to do in terms of self-esteem and social media. Good job with this post!


  5. Obviously I use Instagram, it is quite common today and of course I have seen myself many times seeing the posts of people thinking that I want that life, that body, etc. although as you say you have to be aware that many of these things that they publish are false but that does not remove the desire to want to be that person. Personally, I do not usually publish things I am more about seeing what others upload.


  6. I am a regular user of Instagram myself, and I’m very aware of the cruel truth out there. It’s mostly fake. Even though I am aware of this, it slips my mind if I see a gorgeous person or a travel location or whatever it is. My eyes fool me and we all know we can feel a little jealous through hours of scrolling. I think it’s important that we use social media to get inspired and put it away as soon as you’re not feeling good about yourself.


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